The Allenby Guide to the
Birds of Australia & New Zealand

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Silver Gull (or Red-billed Gull)

The red-billed gull is the commonest gull on the New Zealand coast. Except for a colony at Lake Rotorua, it rarely is found inland. It is commonly seen in coastal towns, garbage dumps and at fish processing facilities.

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Australian Magpie

The Australian magpie (Gymnorhina tibicen) is a black and white passerine bird native to Australia and southern New Guinea, and introduced to New Zealand.
Described as one of Australia's most accomplished songbirds, the Australian magpie has an array of complex vocalisations.

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Rainbow Lorikeet

The rainbow lorikeet (Trichoglossus moluccanus) is a species of parrot found in Australia. It is common along the eastern seaboard, from northern Queensland to South Australia. Its habitat is rainforest, coastal bush and woodland areas and they have since adapted to urban environments with tree coverage.

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Australian White Ibis

Australian White Ibis populations have been steadily increasing in urban areas. People often refer to them as “bin chickens” or “tip turkeys” because they like to dig in garbage bins to find food. They have croaky voices and are especially noisy during their mating season.